Exporting to Turkey ?

Exporting & import to Turkey

Exporting & import to Turkey


Turkey with a large growing economy, has been an important trading post  and it could be worth considering ! Turkey is a democraticsecularunitaryconstitutional republic with a diverse cultural heritage and has a parliamentary representative democracy. We need to mention that Turkey is hugely attractive destination for UK and European trade and investment.

If we talk about Turkey imports, mainly are machinery, semi-finished goods chemicals, fuels and transport equipment. Morover, Its principal trading partners are European Union. Countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, France. Although also  paly an important role:  Russia, China and United States.

Turkey has a growing economy. As said by The Guardian, its gross domestic product grew by 8.5% in 2011, making it the fastest-growing economy in Europe. What else ? It is estimated that Turkey will be in the top 10 GDP economies by 2023. Could you believe in it ?

Think about it and get more informations in that  guide bellow.

Guidance Exporting to Turkey







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